Wyman Wong and Andreas Kronthaler in the finale
Miriam Yeung and Sheren Tang
William Chan and Aarif Lee
Florinda Ho and Sabrina Ho
Janet Ma and daughter Irisa Wong. Joanna Ho and Hilary Tsui.
Irene Wang, Cissy Wang and Janis Chan
Liu Dan, Wyman Wong, Jessica C. and Dai Xiaoyi
Kayla Wong, Bonnie Chen, Danni Li and Liu Dan
21.01.2010 | HONG KONG

Vivienne Westwood Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Show

Vivienne Westwood held her Spring/Summer 2010 fashion show on 20th January 2010 at the Grand Hall of Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) upon special invitation from the World Boutique, Hong Kong (WBHK), an annual event hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Mr. Andreas Kronthaler, the Creative Director of Vivienne Westwood made his debut visit to Hong Kong especially for WBHK with his design team from London to prepare for the show.

The event attracted many celebrities and artists who were delighted to meet Andreas Kronthaler for the very first time. These included Miriam Yeung, Sheren Tang, William Chan, Aarif Lee, Florinda Ho, Sabrina Ho, Hilary Tsui, Joanna Ho, Cissy Wang, Irene Wang and Janis Chan. Famous models including Jessica C., Bonnie Chen, Dai Xiaoyi and Liu Dan, showcased Vivienne Westwood’s avant-garde collection. Meanwhile, both famous fashion column writer Wyman Wong and Kayla Wong, daughter of famous Hong Kong actor Michael Wong and model mother Janet Ma, dedicated their catwalk debut to Vivienne Westwood. As a finale, Mr. Wyman Wong presented Mr. Andreas Kronthaler with a beautiful bouquet to signify the success of this fabulous event.