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a) Submission of Information: You agree that the information you submit, including but not limited to the like of enrolment information, cookies and performance tracking devices are neither confidential(except for your personal particulars) nor proprietary to you, while all submitted information become us and the property upon your submission. We take reasonable precautions to secure any personal data but please note that it is not possible to guarantee the security of transmissions over the Internet. We have no obligation to keep any submitted information confidential, to pay you or anyone any compensation for any submission or for using such, or to respond to or knowledge any of such submission. b) Use of Personal Data. If you have elected to receive newsletter or marketing materials from us and no longer wish to receive such correspondence from us in the future, please send an email to cs@modamiahk.com from the address you would like to be removed.  


本公司感谢阁下一直支持Vivienne Westwood/moda SHU及使用其贵宾咭会籍,此咭由浩达服装有限公司(在此称为「本公司」)发出及管理,本公司为多个时尚品牌产品之经销商,有关品牌的详细资料可浏览本公司网页(http://www.modamiahk.com)。由于政府现已实施有关个人资料之新法例,本公司欲通知阁下有关本公司如何使用阁下之个人资料。此个人资料收集声明列出此表格所收集的个人资料之用途。  

  1. 本公司以往曾向阁下发送本公司各品牌的新产品讯息、新店信息、购物推广、优惠及活动,以作直接促销用途。为提高服务质素,本公司希望继续向阁下不定时发送上述直接促销信息。
  2. 阁下所提供的资料可能会被本公司用作统计研究及分析用途。统计研究及分析之结果将协助本公司为顾客提供更合适的商品,阁下之身份却不会因此而被透露。
  3. 阁下所提供的资料将由本公司内部处理,本公司不会向第三者透露有关资料,更不会转发予第三者。除Vivienne Westwood/moda SHU的信息外,阁下仍有机会收到本公司旗下其他品牌信息。
  4. 阁下如欲停止接收上述直接促销信息,请以书面形式邮寄至本公司(地址:香港九龙湾常悦道3号企业广场2期27楼 — 浩达服装有限公司收);或电邮至 dataofficer@modamiahk.com。

  查询个人资料 根据《个人资料(私隐)条例》第486章,阁下有权查询及修改阁下之个人资料。如需查阅或修改有关资料,请以书面形式邮寄至本公司负责个人资料之专责同事(地址:香港九龙湾常悦道3号企业广场2期27楼 — 浩达服装有限公司收);或电邮至dataofficer@modamiahk.com向本公司提出此要求。